This water-based, high-perfomance, quick drying, and
odorless floor finish contains the most elite and
innovative proprietary resins providing excellent
durability and abrasion resistance along with superb

Recommended for residential, commercial and sport
flooring that demand a
green technology finish, or
where sensitivity to chemicals or odors is essential. It
non-yellowing and contains no amber tone, thus
excellent for light color floors. Makes floor finishing
and refinishing safe and easy, and furthermore the
finish is easily repairable or rejuvenated down the
line. Recommended for interior flooring only.

Apply by brush, roller, paint pad, spray, paint or lambs
wool applicator. This is a self sealing floor finish.
However, for color enhancement to the wood grain
(amber tone of a polyurethane or Tung oil), use a
single coat of
EVERLAST™ Sealer under this finish.
Excellent replacement product for tung-oil finish in
terms of productivity, cure time and durability.
Complete floor finishing can be accomplished in a day.

Available in gloss, satin and dull-satin.
Coverage: 300-400 sf/gal.
Dries in about an hours; recoat in 2 to 3.
Quick drying, virtually odorless, and non-flammable
floor finish.
withstand the wear and abrasion of high traffic
demand. An excellent and more durable replacement
for tung-oil from the aspect of dry and cure time, mar
and abrasion resistance, and odor for sure. Provides
a rock hard finish in 24 hours; tung-oil on the other
hand takes thirty (30) days to cure, and doesn't even
approach the hardness and mar resistance of
EVERLASTGYMCOAT. Recommended by 9 out
of 10 architects.

It is
ecologically friendly in terms of low VOC and
now virtually odorless. Dries in about two (2) hours
(at 75 deg F and 45% relative humidity), tack free in
about 30 minutes, recoat in 6 hours. Its light straw
color enhances the color of the wood grain. It absorbs
UV rays into itself, thus protects the wood substrate
and stain from UV damage. Resists flaking and
chipping and is easy to repair at anytime. Builds fast
and usually requires only two coats, plus the sealer
on most floors.

It is not UV stabilized, intentionally however, which
thus preventing sacrifice in durability and longevity.

The EVERLAST™ Sealer offers deep sealing of the
wood grain thus enhanced durability. The sealer is

EVERLASTGYMCOAT is also an excellent
product for use on outside decking. Generally a
couple of coats of the sealer will provide a durable,
low film build coupled with longevity.

Apply by brush, roller, paint pad, spray, paint or
lambs wool applicator.

Available in Gloss, Semi-Gloss, Satin, and Dull Satin

Coverage: 400-500 sf/gal
5 Gal Pail
5 Gal Pail
Gallon Container
5 Gal Pail
Floor Finishes
Love your EVERLAST GYMCOATTM  Floor Finish.
Best I have ever used. Easy to apply, dries quick
warmth and beauty like no other.

Frank Dorr
MYSTA FD Home Improvement
The EVERLAST GYMCOAT is one great product. Makes my work stand out
from others and has enhanced our productivity to say the least.

David Galvin
David J. Galvin Flooring Inc.