Nearly 37 years ago Hood Finishing Products was formed with the objective to offer exceptional
finishingand refinishing products for the professional woodworker, hobbyist, flooring contractors
and manufacturers.
Performance, Quality and Value (PQV) was our mission.

Armed with a background of being raised around a paint store environment, a degree in
chemical engineering, and a significant working experience in variety of coatings industries,
we set out to develop our products. To develop uniquely beneficial products however,
I felt that I needed "hands on" experience to all the aspects of this industry; finishing and
refinishing of furniture.

As such, I elected to train myself and some of our staff in full fledged, multi employee furniture refinishing and finishing shops in
the use and application of finish removers, wood finishes, staining and shading, etc,, before we could venture to develop the
products provided herein, prior and sequels. "Me too" type products was not an option.

We learned how to strip, sand, surface prep, stain, spray finish, shade and touch-up. Rub-out and polish a finish too. We continue
in this proficiency, but now in house as time progressed since the industry became quite dynamic with environmental changes, as
for example changes in VOC laws and movement to "green technology and finishes".  

This uncommon experience set forth development of unique products over the next thirty years.
Magna-Shield®, HYDROCOTE®
, HOODSTRIP®-290 and 888, HYDROCOTE® Polyshield®, our Wiping Wood Stains, the lacquer and water based
Quick Drying Wood Grain Fillers, and of course the EVERLAST™ Wood Finish just to name a few. These products would not have
been possible without the hands on experience in the restoration, refinishing and finishing of furniture as aforementioned. Our
competitors may have good bench chemists and salespersons, but none posses the experience in finishing and refinishing of
furniture the like of Hood and HYDROCOTE

HOODSTRIP®-290 was born twenty years ago as a result of having my skin burned too many times while training how to
strip furniture. The notion that a remover has "to burn the skin" to strip effectively deemed unacceptable. So we were challenged
to alter the chemistry of our original HOODSTRIP®-280, yet retain the efficacy and put an end to the myth of "skin burning/work
HOODSTRIP®-888 (semi-paste) remover followed with same principle in mind; it barely, if any burns your skin, but
still a powerhouse remover.

HYDROCOTE® Resisthane™ was born 28 years ago in response to California's prospective ban on solvent based lacquers due to
severe smog issues. The winds of environmental changes were blowing and of course  the now popular "green" movement was
heading our way. Over the years technological improvements evolved to the current Resisthane™
PLUS to make it a one of it's
kind, and continues to remain unprecedented. Its warmth and clarity to the grain or stain along with ease of use, versatility to
apply, quick drying and rapid hardness development properties continue to be unrivaled. Equally important,  Resisthane™
a truly "green" technology formula product, with extreme low VOC, contains no hazardous air pollutants (HAP) nor phthalates,
and is chemically insensitive.   

Magna-Shield® of course is another wonder wood finish born roughly 20 years ago and continues to improve through
innovations. It satisfies the need for a durable, "self-sealing" pre-cat lacquer with the ability for a high film build (more than four
coats) without cracking or crazing six months down the road. Its unique chemistry also delivers blush resistance up to a relative
humidity of 96% and a smooth finish straight from the gun.

EVERLAST™ Wood Finish and the Quick Drying Wood Grain Fillers are three equally extraordinary products. The latter being
lacquer based, and now also available in water-based, able to seal and fill the grain quickly and economically on most tighter
grain furniture and millwork fast and easy.

The EVERLAST™, an Eco-Smart™ interior/exterior wood finish has now virtually no odor, offers a surpassed durability to a
polyurethane with the richness and beauty of a varnish and Tung-oil, yet without that obnoxious odor. Dries and cures 75% faster
than Tung-oil and, will not support spontaneous combustion. The  EVERLAST™GYMCOAT is an enhanced wood finish designed
specifically for wood flooring. Both products are now the preferred choice by architects 9 to 1, whether furniture or flooring.

We're located in Lodi, New Jersey. It includes our corporate headquarters, customer service,  manufacturing and R & D.  
WE SELL OUR PRODUCTS DIRECT ONLY;  NO MIDDLEMAN OR DISTRIBUTORS. This way you save 15-25%, and we never run out
of the products. Equally important, 99% of the orders are shipped the same day!

We ship FedEx and UPS ground only through website purchase and phone in orders. Though we reference UPS only in the
checkout section on on-line purchases for ease of calculation, the computer selects either to minimize your cost based on your
location and transit time.

Many of the products we offer are now available on line, and more are added daily. Any product not yet available on line can be
purchased by telephoning
1-800-229-0934 and ask for order department. Have the product number handy and a major credit
card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover), it's that simple.

We offer no samples of our products. Not because we have something to hide, rather,  free samples rarely get used or tried and
just provide unnecessary added costs to products and waste disposal on your part should shelf life become expire. We trust you
understand. In place we do offer 30 day money back guarantee should you not like the product or meet your expectations. Just
return the unused portion of the product with your proof of purchase for a full refund, less shipping cost.

Our Mission be the leading supplier of wood finishing and refinishing products
with stellar reputation for product quality and innovation, fair prices,
industry leading technical support, and outstanding customer service...

Erick Kasner, PhD
President & General Manager
We pledge our continuing effort to provide
you with the best quality products, prices
and service humanly possible.
We also pledge not to release your name or
information about you to any third party
vendor or otherwise.