Hood surpasses all other finishing and refinishing suppliers I have ever dealt with. The unforgiving willingness
to answer any and all questions regarding not only their products, but also any difficult finishing scenarios,
make Hood my primary supplier for over 10 years, and always satisfied.

John Arslanian
Arslanian Furniture Restoration

I'm extremely pleased with Hood and its EVERLASTTM GYMCOAT. A gem of a product. Easy to use, quick drying
and my customers love my work and its look. Would not trade it for anything else.

David Welsch
Boyce Highlands Inc.

Service is spectacular and personal. The products are equally stellar. Magna-Shield is the best lacquer we have
ever found, and its durability and beauty is unsurpassed. Hood has helped us out many times and has made
us money over and over, even during these hard times! I've been a Hood customer for over 25 years.

Peter Schichtel
Restoration by Peter Schichtel

We began doing business with Hood about seven years ago and it has been an incredibly beneficial
relationship. For example, their Magna-Shield and the Quick Drying Wood Filler has nearly quadrupled our
productivity without a sacrifice in quality.

Michael Sweeney
Sweeney Piano

Hood and its EVERLAST GYMCOAT leads the way in user friendly and technologically advanced floor finishing
products. Just love the product line and dealing with Hood. Simply unsurpassed.

Mark Grenier
MG Design Build

I was very sceptical about using a water-based finish having been exposed to nitro lacquer for years. Best
move I made. RESISTHANE is even better than solvent based as far as I am concerned. No fumes, quick dry
time and fire department loves me. RESISTHANE being pure Green Technology gets me added jobs these

Gary Staffin
Interior Design Industries

Several years ago I was told to try Hood's pre-cat lacquer. "Once you try it, you'll never switch again". Such
has been the case with Magna-Shield. Hood's products stand the test of time. Great company, great service,
incredible products. 99% of the time I get my orders the next day. The tech support is unbelievable, got me
many time out of a jam.

Mark Yesko
Yesko Furniture Refinishing

Hood's Magna-Shield is a lacquer we've been using for quite a while - simply fantastic! As far as dealing with
Hood Finishing Products as a vendor, no one comes even close.

Chris Acker
Piano Grands

We switched to Hood's products this year and it's been nothing but awesome. We get our products next day
and the quality is equally awesome.

David Sanderson
Sanderson Piano

Resisthane is simply fantastic and the best I've ever used. Thank you.

Ron O'Dett
R & R Classic Woodworks

I just finished shooting a gallon of the Hydrocote Resisthane and really like it.  This is my first switch over to a
water based clear coat. I liked the way it flowed out and dried quickly. The quick drying significantly reduced
picking up dust or contaminants from the air and it allowed for quick build up of multiple coats.  I rubbed it
out with some 0000 steel wool and wax and it looks great. Thanks.

Steve Palmer
Sugarcreek Woodworks & Design

I just wanted to send you a quick message to tell about the fantastic results I have had using the Resisthane.  
I have already sprayed two guitars with it and each one is simply perfect.  The Resisthane is so easy to use
and makes for such a hard durable, clear finish that it will be my new standard finish on all of my guitar
builds.  Not only was it easy to apply, but it went down smooth and flat with absolutely no orange peel or fish
eye.  I am even more impressed with using it as a medium for blending my own paints.  I always dreaded the
finishing process due to the toxic nature of solvent based formulas, but this time I actually enjoyed it and that
allowed me to spend more time getting more creative and making a better guitar.  Once again, thank you for
making such a wonderful product.  I have attached a few pictures to show you how well it works.

Matthew Haramis
Haramis Guitars
guitar with a little
Resisthane Plus.
This is by far the
best finish I have
believe me, I've
used them all. In one
day I had sprayed on
5 coats with my
HVLP gun. sanded
up through 12,000
grit micro mesh and
finished with
scratch remover.
The results are an
absolutely flat,
mirror finish. I am
now recommending
guitar with a little
this product on my
this product on my


Chris Monck