Paying for Shipping With Us Actually Saves You Money - Short and Long Run

We're often asked by our customers why we don't offer free shipping. The hype and promise of free shipping has
become pretty common in the online market place and direct phone in purchases. There are three (3) clear reasons as
to why, and they make sense.

1) Our prices with shipping are generally
lower overall than products with "free shipping".

2) It our firm believe, and repeatedly proven that "free shipping" is both misleading and more costly. Simply stated, look
at the final price to your door when the dust settles.

3) Product and shipping are two separate "cost centers". As a merchant if you do not have a handle on both cost
centers, you'll be out of business in no time. There is no coincidence to our longevity in business, celebrating 34 years,
in that we know what we're doing.  We don't over charge, period. Rather, we offer fair pricing and pass on only what
UPS or FedEx will charge us upon shipping to you. We'll never add on a handling charge.

Rest assured that you will always save with us, because of
PQV: Performance, Quality, Value.